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Course Design & Safety

Our course is designed from the ground up to be a complete experience, not just another ride or attraction. Through the use of interpretive elements, innovative course design and expert guides, you’ll be engaged the entire time you’re with us, not just when you are zipping. Our certified Canopy Guides will inspire you with stories and legends of Kohala while you zip from tree to tree in a completely natural setting. We combine ziplines, suspension bridges, and rappels to create a completely engaging experience that is fun, challenging, as well as educational for guests of all ages and ability levels.

The Kohala Zipline Difference

Most Ziplines are not much different than an amusement park ride. An employee straps you in on one side and off you go, dangling from the line as a passive participant until you reach the other side.

At Kohala Zipline you are an active participant in the experience, meaning you will learn to control your speed and body positioning. You’ll be challenged to traverse bridges, sky stairs, and learn to rappel.

This adventure is facilitated in a small group by your two certified guides who have control of the redundant backup systems that ensure your safety is our top priority.

Whether you’re a first time zipliner, or a seasoned vet, our course is designed to accommodate and challenge zippers of all levels.

Sustaining Communities and Nature

Our course is designed to protect, retain and enhance the natural environment and is built with minimal impact to the forest and local community.

  1. Our course was designed to adjust with the growth of our trees. Our tree platforms were built to blend in with their surroundings and can be removed with almost no impact.
  2. Course elements, including platforms and bridges, have been created using sustainably-harvested Eucaplyptus lumber harvested and milled on-site.
  3. Professional Arborists play an active role in the health of our forest.
  4. Kohala Zipline and Hawaii Forest & Trail are active members of the North Kohala community. We support local education and conservation-based non-profit organizations.

Kohala Zipline – Your Safety is our Priority

Kohala Zipline partnered with industry-leading experts to identify the inherent risks of canopy adventures. Throughout each phase of construction, training, operations, equipment selection, maintenance, and program development we’ve implemented measures to ensure participant safety. We have an uncompromising commitment to safety.

Design and Construction:

  • We have 100% fully redundant safety systems. This means at least 2 attachment points, zip cables, zip trollies, braking systems, and safety lanyards.
  • Our Staff inspects our course and equipment every day before the first tour begins. We also employ 3rd party zipline inspectors to inspect every nut, bolt, and inch of rope and cable twice a year.
  • We use the best cable available in the industry. Our twin WhisperLines are made of Galvanized steel cable with a tensile breaking strength of 12,000 Lbs. each. Then they are coated with a nylon based polymer that reduces the noise of your zip by more than 50%. No other Zipline on the island uses this cable.
  • Our trees are routinely inspected and cared for by a team of arborists that includes internationally respected experts in their field.


  • Our Guides are held to some of the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. After completing a 60+ hour training program our guides must pass a series of written and skills examinations before their first tour.
  • Guides must pass a timed skills test once a month to stay current with our safety and rescue protocols.
  • All of our guides are certified first responders in First Aid and CPR
  • In addition to skills training, our guides are also trained to interpret the history, flora and fauna of the region.
  • Guides are well versed in facilitating guests who experience fear of heights, and other common phobias they may encounter on course.
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