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Our Zipline Guides

Did you know it takes more hours to become a certified canopy guide at Kohala Zipline than it does to become a certified recreational pilot? At Kohala Zipline, we know our staff can make or break your entire experience. That’s why our guides go through one of the industry’s most extensive training programs in safety skills, facilitation, and interpretation.

We have one of the lowest guest-to-guide ratios in the industry. With less than 5 guests per guide, we are able to give every participant on our course the personal attention they deserve. Don’t take it from us, read the reviews, and find out why interacting with our staff at Kohala Zipline is the highlight of so many people’s vacations!

“I am scared of heights but our guides were fabulous I felt really safe and secure.”

“From pick to drop off this bunch of awesome people made my first time so enjoyable and entertaining.”

“Our guides were very friendly and accommodating to everyone’s skill levels.”

The Kohala Zipline Training Program includes:

  • Our Guides are held to some of the most rigorous safety standards in the industry.
  • After completing a 60+ hour training program, our guides must pass a series of written and skills examinations before their first tour.
  • Guides must pass a timed skills test once a month to stay current with our safety and rescue protocols.
  • All of our guides are certified first responders in First Aid and CPR. In addition to skills training, our guides continually hone their skills, enabling them to interpret the history, flora, and fauna of the region.
  • Guides are well-versed in facilitating guests who experience fear of heights, and other common phobias they may encounter on course.

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